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How you can Improve your SEO Easily?

What is the point of having the most beautiful website if it does not have a good SEO and is not listed on the first google page when we are looking for your activity?

You have just started your business and you create your website on WordPress, Wix … and you wonder why you are not visible when looking for your products or services?

Don’t worry, it’s because you need to work on your SEO!

But beware! If you are not an expert in the field, have an expert help you so that, thanks to his experience, he can put you back in search engines and allow your website and your visibility on the internet to increase rapidly.

10 Tips to Improve your SEO:

1. Produce quality content: the content must contain relevant keywords based on user research

2. Analyze the competition: you will have to analyze the competition to analyze which strategies will attract more traffic

3. Do a keyword research

4. Optimize your website, you can see the speed of your site pages thanks to Google’s Page Speed Insights

5. Create a sitemap file

6. Follow Google’s guidelines to improve the quality of your website

7. Share your content on social networks

8. Add meta, title, alt text …

9. Use compression tools for your images

10. Pay attention to your “zombie” links

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