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Packages: An Advantageous Solution for Your Business!

In a previous article, we saw Easy ways to grow your brand’s reach online through digital solutions especially managing a blog, optimizing your SEO and all your social media accounts.

But how can you manage it without a long-term relationship with your clients? How can you spend time to do all of these solutions to grow your business if you don’t have any time for yourself? We have the SOLUTION!

We can give our customers time to be able to take care of them and their business. We do not want to be a digital agency that does not support its regular customers and incurs additional costs for each service performed.
In addition, this solution allows a company to save money on hiring a Community Manager for example which would cost 2000 euros + additional charges for the company.

For example, one of our clients is Show Must Go Home and takes care of performing private concerts in Europe with international artists. They don’t have time to take care of their Instagram profile, respond to private messages, create stories for their profile, make their profile more attractive and more visible to their growing community. But also, going through a digital agency that would take costs on each achievement and each modification on the site would cost them too much. That’s why they trust us!



Di-Touch Social at 499 euros / month: this package mainly contains a free audit of the digital strategy of your activity + social media management with automation of 1 post per day + 4 photo shoots per year to have real photos made by a professional photographer and highlighting your products because they deserve it! In addition, we are carrying out a complete overhaul of your social networks by reviewing all the adjustment faults and highlighting your profiles with beautiful designs.



Di-Touch Boost at 699 euros / month: this package contains all social di-touch + includes the optimization of a Google My Business page to improve your SEO. This page is essential for your SEO and for your customers to leave you opinions about your business. We will obviously highlight the photos that we can take by improving your visibility in the search engines.



Di-Touch Campaign at 1499 euros / month: this package contains all di-touch boost + includes the implementation of advertising campaigns on google and on your social networks. That is to say that we take care with an allocated budget for each campaign and according to your needs to highlight your products through beautiful marketing campaigns set up by our experts.

With this support, you will of course be able to see the evolution of your results thanks to the reporting that we will send you every month!

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